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Typing Jobs: Required Speeds

As technology becomes more commonplace in the workforce, more people need to know how to type. Some professions require faster typing speeds than others do. If your typing speed is lower than you want it to be, you can use typing software to increase it. We’ve looked at current job descriptions to find out, on [...]

Typesy 2016 Review

PROS / Typesy uses cloud technology to offer unlimited user support for multiple devices. CONS / There are no preset goals available with this software. VERDICT / This excellent typing software is easy to use [...]

Typing Instructor for Business 2 Review

PROS / Typing Instructor for Business offers typing instruction for split and standard keyboards as well as numeric keypads. CONS / The software isn't a good fit for beginners because it lacks adaptive learning and [...]

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Personal Edition Review

PROS / You get 330 typing exercises with this typing software, which gives you plenty of practice. CONS / This software is licensed for just one user and one computer. VERDICT / The Mavis Beacon [...]

Colemak vs. Dvorak

Most of us type on a QWERTY keyboard, a layout that emerged in the 19th century. The QWERTY was among the first layouts to be mass-produced in writing machines, as typewriters were originally called. Over [...]

Writing enhancement software

WhiteSmoke Review

PROS / WhiteSmoke can check your writing any time you're using a text box. CONS / The application does not check for plagiarism. VERDICT / This is the best writing enhancement software because it can [...]

Grammarly Premium Review

PROS / Grammarly Premium contextually scans your text for mistakes and typos and provides suggestions to make the writing better. CONS / Grammarly’s Microsoft Office integration is not available on the Apple platform. VERDICT / [...]

WordPerfect X7 Review

PROS / Fittingly, WordPerfect caught the most grammatical errors in our test paragraph. CONS / It doesn't offer any writing tutorials or a translation function. VERDICT / WordPerfect catches many basic errors, but not consistently. [...]

Microsoft Word 2016 Review

PROS / Microsoft Word’s spelling and grammar checker is adjustable and catches a wide variety of mistakes. CONS / It doesn’t offer writing tutorials, and it fails to identify some advanced grammar issues. VERDICT / [...]


Setting the Tone

Language software reviews

Rosetta Stone Arabic Review

"Teaches a very formal Arabic and lacks focus on colloquial phrasing." Arabic is generally recognized as one of the hardest foreign languages for English speakers to master. Finding a language course that is up to [...]

Rocket Arabic Review

"An excellent Arabic course with superb audio lessons and games." I recently got my hands on Rocket Arabic by signing up for their free trial of the full online course. The trial includes access to [...]

Pimsleur Arabic Review

"Solid audio course, without the interactivity." Arabic can be one of the hardest languages to master. This is not only because of its unique alphabet and grammar structure, but also because of the multiplicity of [...]

Living Language Arabic Review

"An easy to get started with Arabic course with only a few drawbacks." Living Language was first developed in 1946 and is based on the language courses used by the US State Department in order [...]

Fluenz Mandarin Review

"A good course with a few flaws, which have a lot of merit." The challenge of rapidly learning Mandarin Chinese to a high level can be immense with its 4 different tones, many thousands of [...]

Writing tricks

Getting Your Sales Letter Off To A Good Start

Used in advertising since the 1800s, sales letters have proven to be among the most enduring forms of marketing. Not [...]

Ignoring Those Burning Grammar Questions

Sometimes, you’re writing and you can’t decide the right way to put something down.  Should it be a comma here [...]

Common Types Of Phrases In English Grammar

Phrases are parts of the basic building blocks of writing.  Unable to stand on its own as a complete sentence [...]

Using Tagmemics As A Way Of Studying A Topic For Writing

Ever heard of tagmemics?  It’s a system that allows you to look at a single object from three different perspectives.  [...]

How To Write A Book Review In Five Paragraphs

If you’re asked to write a short book review, the classic five paragraph format might work.   Since that’s geared for [...]

How To Properly End A Persuasive Essay

Just like any piece of writing, you can end your persuasive essay any way you want too.  If you’re trying [...]

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